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Up your ass with a flaming cactus!

Time Warner cable has upped our cable bill by $50 just because they can. To get back to the original, more affordable price we had to get rid of HBO, Showtime, and the movie channels.

Suck my dick, Time Warner!

I'll always love you though, New York

It has taken me a full year to get used to a lot of things. I've realized that being thrown head-first into the pool does not necessarily mean you will immediately begin to float. I've been thrashing through the pool called New York City for the past year and have just now begun to swim.

I was talking to my mom last night and told her how I was frustrated that it's taken me this long to get on my feet. I actually thought that this would be a lot like how I started college. I hit the ground running when I got to Lehigh and never seemed to stop or even get uncomfortable. Not this time. I'm having the hardest time establishing myself in this city. It's fabulous in it's own way - at least for the "Instant Gratification Generation" as we're now being called - but is not the nurturing environment I thought it might be. My mom assures me that she's very proud of me and is amazed at just how far I've come considering how the last 2 years have been some of the hardest in my life. I tell my mom that she's my hero but hearing the same from her is strange. I think she's trying very hard to keep me from falling apart when things get tougher.

However, now that I'm starting to get a shaky handle on my life, I've sort of made a routine for myself. Up at 8:30, at the deli by 9:45, at work by 9:50. Depending on workload, client crises, open calls, seminars, and tapings I'm home by 7:30. My social life has picked up although I'm meeting more freaks than I can handle. Such is New York. Drinks with Kareem. Lunch with old high school friends. Day trips with the roomies. Battling the old men for an elliptical machine at the YMCA.

And when I have downtime (which I think I enjoy more than I should) I have Netflix, HBO, and summer reading. My newly formed obsessions over the last year have included:

1. Wise Blood by Flannery O'Conner - One of the most disturbing books I've read in a while. She writes like Faulkner's deep south with principal character's that branch off of Camus. She has this deep hatred for men of God... not God himself or even any specific religion. I'm not sure where this stems from but every soapbox preacher, blind fanatic, and slow-thinking apostle represents every evil of the world. Extremely powerful and extremely depressing.
"I'm preaching the Church of Christ Without Christ. Where the blind can't see, the lame don't walk, and the dead stay that way." -Hazel Motes

2. Deadwood - The Tudors have killed off all the characters I loved (not that the writers had much of a choice as history dictates itself) and the ones I liked have become annoying. One more season left, and in the meantime I've moved from Tudor England to the American West. I need to watch the last disc in the first season so I can get a feel for how much of the show is based on real people and events. I hear it's pretty loyal in a historical sense, which is very cool. I had a hard time with the unnecessary vulgar language and sexual scenarios at first, but now I think I'd be disappointed if they were omitted. I also had a hard time following the intricate language use but now it's one of things I like best about the show. Def not for uncultured buffoons. And the best part is that my dad is now deeply obsessed with the show as well... although I have troubled watching it with him when a blow job scene pops up out of no where.
"Welcome to f*cking Deadwood!" -Al Swearengen

3. Netflix - Any movie I want within 2 days. Need I say more?

4. HBO/Showtime - Where has cable been all my life? One hour episodes that don't skimp on sex, drugs, or rock n' roll. Flight of the Conchords, The Tudors, Weeds, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and The Life and Times of Tim are on all week long!
"It's not TV. It's HBO" ... suspiciously close to "It's not delivery. It's DiGiornio."

5. "Istanbul" - I've had the "I-feel-bad-for-Uncle-Peck-even-though-he's-a-child-molester" conversation with my mother I don't know how many times. She thinks child molesters should be strung up by their balls no matter what the circumstance, and it's hard to argue with that. But after watching Istanbul I can't help but feel extremely sad for Martin. He truly hates himself and his sexual tendencies to the point where he literally drags his ass halfway across the world to turn himself into the worst prison in the world (guess where it is) so he can suffer. Little known and highly underrated Belgian film. I would recommend it to any film buff.
"I hate hotels. They smell. Who wants to sleep on the same bed some guy raped his sister on the night before?" -Martin

6. Brad Dourif - Now my second favorite actor after Anthony Hopkins. Watch One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and tell me he wasn't robbed of that Oscar. Plus everyone else who got nominated for that film won. How much does that blow? "Okay everyone, let's pose for the picture! Everyone got their Oscars? Okay... Brad, can you stand in the back?"

7. Make pottery - Therapy was never so colorful. Okay, so it's not "therapy" per se, but it's extremely relaxing. Now I just need to find someplace to put all these useless knickknacks.

God Bless New York, but I think I'll have to get out of this place before I lose my mind for real. Maybe not in the next year or even the next three years, but something's gotta give. I just don't know when or how.
I was incredibly disappointed in the latest Terminator installment. It was as if the writers read the back of the DVD boxes of the last three movies and then got to work. Even the third movie's stupidity couldn't live up to the shit-sundae that was this movie. "This isn't the future my mother warned me about..." COP OUT!!! He might have well just said "Nothing any of the other movies set up for you holds true in this one."


It was as if the writers thought "There's no way we can live up to expectations of the fans with this movie. The first three movies gave us too much to work with. Let's just forget all that and make a completely new movie with almost no loyalty to the first three." Kyle Reese, Sarah Conner, and Arnold the Governator all gave big tidbits about what the future held after Judgment Day. Did the writers use any of them?
Things that (in my humble opinion) that sucked:

1. All the weaponry in the world was never destroyed (or was whipped together) after Judgment Day.
No dogs detecting impostors. No real security of any kind. I thought the human bases would be a lot less equipped with planes and motorcycles and tanks and more equipped with basic materials (pipe bombs, dogs, hand guns) that were described before. How the hell did the military scrape together fighter jets and submarines after the apocalypse?

2. John Conner is not the leader.
Who managed to mess this one up!? Here is where it really doesn't work to ignore the other movies. John Conner is a self-fulfilling prophet. He is the leader of the people because he's known what was going to happen waaaaaay before people even knew what Skynet was doing. Therefore, just that fact that he so much more prepared for Judgment Day and the world after, makes him the best person to lead. But no. He's just a "prophet" (that people choose to listen to over the military leaders). How did he get to this place?... not important apparently.

3. This movie takes place after Judgment Day but before John Conner is accepted as "the chosen one" and Kyle Reese's purpose is followed through with.
John meets his dad. He's 17. A far cry from how old he is when he's sent back in time. The writers' purpose is clear now. They need more money. They don't want to get to that point because there will be no more story left to tell. Oh wait! How about how the war ends!? Idiots.
Let's see how long they can drag this one out.... or let me guess. Conner will never beat Skynet, Kyle Reese won't be sent back in time, and everybody can just blow each other. The end.

4. John Conner is not the lead of this movie. This movie is about a man-bot who has a soul. But that the big twist in the movie, sorry I gave it away. But wait! IT WAS ALREADY SHOWN IN THE F***ING TRAILER!!! That's right. The big twist is no longer a twist because we saw it a two months ago. The movie follows around this beefy guy who has a sad past (what that is, we don't know) on death row. He sells his body to Helena B. Carter (also for no real reason... a kiss) and wakes up after J day... now half robot. If Christian Bale knew he was going to be second billed do you think his blow-up would be more entertaining?

5. And that was Skynet's big plan. Marcus Wright is awakened to kill Kyle Reese and lure John Conner into Skynet. All Skynet has to do is give them a false sense of hope with a bogus signal that wipes out communications between Skynet and the Terminators... and they couldn't manage anything better until now? And why were people being captured instead of killed? Not important. If it was just to find Kyle Reese why were they capturing women, kids, and the elderly?

6. BTW. He has an off switch on the back of his head... so Skynet never had control over him anyway. He also has nothing to do with the concept of the Terminator savior that goes back in time to protect John.

7. No character development. I could give a shit about Kate Brewster or half the people in the resistance. And weren't a lot of John's "main officers" killed in the third movie. Well, that doesn't matter either apparently.

8. His mom's picture makes an appearance but doesn't end up in the hands of Kyle. I guess the whole reason Kyle falls in love with her deserved to end up on the cutting room floor.

9. Here... have my heart. It's not like we have to worry about blood type or the fact that we're doing this surgery in a tent with sand whipping around.

10. "I'll be back." Boo.

11. PG-13. More proof that this movie was only about making money.

12. John sees Arnold and immediately knows he's coming to kill him. But the only Arnold-bot John is familiar with is the one who has come to save him. You'd think there'd be a moment when he stopped to think whether he was a threat or not.

The few things that were good:

1. Anton Yelchin. He could have easily followed in the writers footsteps and decided to completely ignore everything before this movie. But he didn't. I could totally see him growing into the character that Michael Beihn originated.

2. Arnold. Well... sort of him.

3. At least they touched upon the fact that John Conner has to have kids.

I can't really think of anything else.

So F*ck you, McG! F*uck you, writers! And F*ck you studio for forsaking everything that should have been followed through with, but never was, because of greed.
Wow. I have forgotten about my livejournal. There was a time when I was on here every. single. day.

I remember when livejournal was a huge thing in my circle of friends and it made/destroyed relationships. Now I think I have two friends who still actually update their livejournal on a semi-regular basis.

I sometimes think I should just delete it but then, every so often, I like to peruse past entries that either make me laugh or want to kick myself for the public display. It's fun either way.

I think facebook has really destroyed my love of livejournal. I now have a much easier way of tracking/stalking (whatever you want to call it) people and don't have the patience to read into lengthy posts. Of course this entry will automatically wind up on my facebook and further solidify everything I just said. I don't even need livejournal to update my livejournal anymore, really.

So, in fact, nothing is going to change. I'm not going to start updating this any more that I have been. I'm not going to delete it. This entry is pretty much a waste of time... (more proof of why I shouldn't bother with livejournal anymore).

Although the truth is, considering I haven't been on here in forever, there is a lot for me to say. I'm a very different person than I was a year ago... or two... whenever my last interesting post was.
So to make this not a total waste I will ramble off some new things in my new life for my old journal:
Gym boys friends job food responsibilities pets brother wardrobe drinking exfoliating trash-talk shows little kids shoes nails VS Pinkberry Make Whole Foods sleeping apartment street town city island world...

But I won't miss my little mood faces : )

Where my heart is...

Here the ghosts in the moonlight
Sorrow doing a new dance
Through their bone, through their skin

To the souls in the fool's night
Fumbling mutely with their rude hands
And there's heartache without end

See the father bent in grief
The mother dressed in mourning
Sister crumbles, and the neighbors grumble
The preacher issues warnings

Little miss didn't do right
Went and ruined all the true plans
Such a shame. Such a sin.

Home alone on a school night
Harvest moon over the blue land
Summer longing on the wind

Had a sweetheart on his knees
So faithful and adoring
And he touched me. And I let him love me.
So let that be my story

For the hope, for the new life
Something beautiful, a new chance
Hear its whispering
There again

True true

I like this guy (off of CNN.com):

"These RNC speeches so far have been nothing but insulting to intelligent and rational people everywhere. They are filled with one-liners, jokes, insults, and personal attacks. I'm not asking for civility, but I am asking for intelligent, rational thought and debate on serious issues. Making a crowd laugh hoot holler and boo does not a presidential team make.

The RNC is showing that it both wants to avoid the issues in this election, and that it's not taking this seriously. They are not taking this Presidential race seriously, and they are not taking our country seriously, a lot like George W. Bush

Grow up RNC, we need to be more serious about our country than this. Our future really does depend on it. "

This isn't for little kids anymore. This looks like a horror film trailer.
Dumbledore stops short at "I can talk to snakes." Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Cartman's words of wisdom


I haven't been on here for a while. But what is there to say?

When there's too much going on, I hardly have the energy to get through the day let alone type it all in here.

So, screw you guys, I'm going home.

I need a timeout

Ben Foster and Norman Reedus are in a movie together.... drooooooooool! I don't care if this movie is the worst movie ever made, I am going to watch it for the sheer elation of seeing two absolutely beautiful/talented men.


Da-dada-daaaaa! Da-dadaaaaa!

To all those who didn't like the new Indiana Jones movie...

1. He's old, get over it

2. The (insert evil, foreign force here) tries to take over the world by stealing the (insert mystical object here) and Indy has to stop them before they abuse it's power. The (insert the same mystical object here) ends up killing them anyway. Indy makes out with (insert hot female actress here).
Why are you disappointed in the story line??? IT'S THE SAME IN EVERY MOVIE!!!

3. Like you didn't see the "Shia Labeouf secret" right away... please. I guessed it from the previews.

4. Supposedly, there's another one in the can so don't run out of "bitchbitchbitch" too soon. And before you start complaining, think "Last Crusade" and see #3.

5. To that kid who writes movie reviews for Reality in the Courier Times- Reading other peoples' reviews, quoting them (without references), taking the average rating, and posting that as your rating DOES NOT A REVIEW MAKE!!!